Golden State Warriors’ Stephen Curry Hits Career Milestone, Breaks Three-Point Record

In a historic moment, Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors broke the all-time record for most three-pointers made in a career during their game against the Indiana Pacers. With his signature deep-range shooting, Curry surpassed Ray Allen’s record of 2,973 three-pointers, firmly establishing himself as the greatest shooter in NBA history.

Curry reached this milestone in remarkable fashion, sinking a total of 8 three-pointers in the game, bringing his career total to an astounding 2,977. The record-breaking shot came in the third quarter, as Curry confidently pulled up from beyond the arc, sending the crowd into a frenzy.

Curry’s shooting prowess has revolutionized the game, as he has consistently stretched defenses and changed the way basketball is played. His ability to make shots from virtually anywhere on the court has made him a nightmare for opposing teams.

This accomplishment adds another illustrious chapter to Curry’s already impressive career. Alongside his three NBA championships and two MVP awards, breaking the all-time three-point record solidifies his place among the greatest players to have ever played the game.

As Curry continues to build upon his legacy, basketball fans around the world eagerly anticipate how far he will extend this three-point record.