Golden State Warriors’ Stephen Curry Breaks Three-Point Record in Historic Fashion

In a highly anticipated matchup against the Sacramento Kings, Curry wasted no time in making his mark. With his signature long-range shooting and lightning-quick release, Curry connected on multiple three-pointers throughout the game, surpassing Allen’s record in spectacular fashion.

The Oracle Arena erupted in applause and admiration as Curry’s record-breaking shot found its mark. Teammates, opponents, and fans alike celebrated the historic moment.

Curry’s three-point shooting prowess has revolutionized the game of basketball, inspiring a new generation of shooters and changing the way teams strategize defensively.

Despite the Kings’ best efforts, led by De’Aaron Fox and Buddy Hield, they couldn’t contain Curry’s shooting onslaught. The Warriors’ victory further solidifies their position as a playoff contender in the highly competitive Western Conference.

Curry’s record-breaking achievement will undoubtedly go down in NBA history as a testament to his incredible shooting ability and his impact on the game.