Celebrating Tradition: Oklahoma Sooners’ Throwback Jersey Revealed

In a nod to the legendary past of the Oklahoma Sooners football program, the team will be wearing throwback jerseys during a special game this season. The retro-inspired design brings back memories of the team’s most iconic moments, honoring the great players who came before them.

The throwback Oklahoma Sooners Football Jersey feature the classic crimson color and an old-school font for the numbers and lettering. These design choices pay homage to the proud history of the Oklahoma Sooners football program, creating a poignant link between past and present.

“We wanted to celebrate the tradition and success that have defined the Oklahoma Sooners,” said Coach Riley. “This throwback jersey reminds us of the legacy we carry and the responsibility to continue that tradition.”

Fans of the team will have the opportunity to witness this iconic jersey during the special game, allowing them to relive the glory days of their beloved Sooners. This throwback jersey serves as a reminder of the program’s rich heritage and the indelible impact it has had on the sport.